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This 3M Breathe Easy Turbo unit is a top-notch Original Military Surplus respirator system that was used for demonstration purposes, we have added a few of these to our personal stock and is perfect for anyone looking to stay protected in potentially hazardous environments. With its reliable performance and durable build quality, this unit is an excellent choice for all kinds of industrial applications. Equipped with a mask hood and a powerful turbo unit, this 3M respirator system provides exceptional protection against harmful particles and contaminants. Whether you're looking for personal protection with what is going on today or working in a busy construction site or handling hazardous materials, this unit will help you breathe easy and stay safe on the job or no matter where you are. Start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with using this high-quality respirator system!


Comes with everything you see in the pictures charger and batteries not included

3M Breathe Easy Turbo Unit P/N 022-00-03 /w Mask Hood Respirator System

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