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This nuclear radiation detector is a high-sensitivity X, Gamma and beta ray dosimeter with alarm. It uses an energy-compensated GM Gieger-Mueller counter tube as sensor, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and accurate measurement. Powerful microprocessor and TFT screen are adopted to realize easy operation. There are three modes for alarm, namely sound, flash and vibration, what’s more, the alarm threshold is adjustable.

The radiation have wide range and it can be used to detect radiation in home decoration radiation, irradiation processing enterprises, health and epidemic prevention, radiotherapy, nuclear power plants, import and export commodity inspection, building materials, petrochemical, geological census, scrap steel, industrial non-destructive testing and other ionizing radiation environment.


Shinning Point
1. Fashionable and portable design with aluminum alloy shell;
2. High sensitivity Gieger-Mueller counter tube sensor;
3. Showing real-time, average, max value and historical value chart;
4. Sound+flash+vibration multiple alarms and adjustable shreshold;
5. Simple operation and clear screen;

Gieger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Dosimeter Meter B, Y & X-

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