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Authentic military issue cargo / maintenance rack for HMMWV.  These were initially issued to the army as an attachment to the Humvee as an aircraft support apparatus.  The mission of this rack is to enable personnel is to repair any downed aircraft, as far forward on the battle field as possible, thereby returning the aircraft to it’s mission or allowing a one time flight to a repair facility thereby avoiding destruction or capture of the aircraft.  


The overhead cargo/maintenance rack assembly is equipped with tie down rings around its perimeter.  The rings will accept standard air cargo tie down strap, and/or other devices for the securing of cargo.  Removable handrail assemblies are included for personnel safety during maintenance operations.  A stepladder is also available for access to the rack assembly.  The rack assembly provides storage space for the handrail assemblies and ladder.  The ladder is easily detachable and can be mounted to either side.  This rack is designed to carry 500 lbs.


My research indicates that 65 of these units were issued to units for testing and evaluation.  I was unable to find any further production numbers


This cargo rack and handrails are all aluminum construction, with stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers.  Excluding the rear support mount, all hardware to attach this rack to a Humvee is included.  


This sale does NOT include a rear support mount.  Any fabrication shop should be able to make this item.


The racks are new, in the original crate.  


TM 1-4940-355-12&P is the official installation manual.  Lots on info within this publication.


Note:  The Humvee is not included in the sale.



P/N:  1005702 

NSN:  4920-01-524-6764, 4920015246764

  ML-C INFORMATION  4920-01-524-6764  
 DS SMS ------- KT 0 J 0 F U 12,708.92
 DA SMS J21C8X- KT 0 J 0 F U 12,708.92


HMMWV Humvee Overhead Cargo Rack Original OEM Issue Hummer

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