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5 Brief Relief bags and 5 Disposa John protable Restroom bags.

Brief Relief is biodegradable and includes a patented blend of polymers and enzymes that convert urine into a deodorized gel that’s approved for disposal in any garbage container.
The Disposa John Portable Restroom is a triple barrier bag and liner for liquid and solid waste. Our gel activated technology takes your liquid or solid waste and breaks it down to its simplest composition, allowing it to be thrown away in any trash bin without hurting the environment.

The Disposa-John can be stored in any small compartment. The bag’s triple barrier makes it odorless and puncture proof. Includes toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes.


  • Made for solid and liquid waste and can be thrown away in any regular trash bin
  • Can be stored in your toolbox or small compartment
  • Made with a unisex design for all genders

Lot of 10 Disposable Urinal Bags Brief Relief & Disposa John Portable Restroom

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